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Behind the scenes: Tonight We Tanqueray


On the 28th May, I travelled from London to Vilnius, Lithuania with five models for the shooting of the ‘Tonight We Tanqueray’ commercial, directed by Anders Hallberg. Our hours were long and consisted of being on set by 9am latest and leaving around 2/3am. Luckily for us, after a certain hour we were able to sample the delicious cocktails which were being used as props, made by Tanqueray Gin mixologist.  The group I was with was super fun and energetic and in between takes were spent with lots of story telling and laughter. By the end of the four day trip we felt as though we were best of friends 🙂 The commercial features soul singer Aloe Blacc’s hit song ‘Tonight Downtown”  and can be seen here. Enjoy!

Just arrived in Lithuania

The Location where we shot 'Tonight We Tanqueray'

Our mixologist and bar man

Sharing a laugh

On set with the 'Tonight We Tanqueray' crew